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Tea oil

Camellia oleifera Abel is the tree for tea oil cause the big fruit which like peach.

Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze is the tree for tea leaves (Oolong Tea) but not for tea oil.

Cause the fruit is too small like plum. 2019.08.13



Tea garden management methods determine the quality of tea,

The rational use of pesticides and fertilizers will make up for the inherent shortage of nutrients in tea gardens.

For the health of the tea tree, the rational use of pesticides can treat or prevent pests and diseases,

Excessive pesticide residues are a serious problem, and it is necessary to pay attention to their efficacy period in use.


Tea leaves can only be picked for production after the medicinal effect period has passed.

This is knowledge that everyone knows, but why is it causing pesticide residues to exceed the standard?

There are several reasons,

1. The tea garden is too big to be picked until the efficacy period has passed, because the delayed time will cause the tea to age.

2. Abnormal climate changes the rate of tea metabolism of pesticides.

3. Use "especially effective" pesticides, which usually come from small factories, and safety is not guaranteed.

4. The dilution factor of pesticides depends on the feeling. If it does not work, it will "strengthen" the efficacy of the drug.

5. Spraying pesticide equipment is not cleaned.

6. In order not to waste pesticides, the farmer sprays the neighbors.

7. Air pollution.

Reasonable use of pesticides will take care of the health of the tea tree,

Like Qing Xin oolong, if no pesticides are used, sweet tea will become a feast for insects.

Reasonable use of fertilizers will also complement the nutrients that the land lacks, and indirectly adjust the quality of tea.

Not all land components are perfect and suitable for the growth of tea trees.

Youshan Tea Interview once experimented with "true organic" farming methods and planted them for about 10 years.

The tea garden has no adjacent fields and no pesticides. The fertilizer only uses organic soybean meal and barley shells.

Using biological control, artificial weeding, and Qingxin Oolong as the main planting variety,

Qingxin oolong often can't bear the pests and diseases, and the tea tree has only the trunk and even death is quite common.

After many years of repeated planting, it has left a relatively strong Qingxin oolong variety.

Because the tea garden does not use any chemicals, the ecology is quite rich,


Grasshoppers, spiders, butterflies, frogs, snakes, etc. are all common.

Sometimes, the little hare will come out and stroll, it is quite afraid of life, and it will run quickly when it sees people.

Tea garden output and ecological balance, this will be our goal of continuous efforts.  2018.11.23



Tea picker's daily life

The daily life of tea plucker.

 7:00 oclock in the early morning is the time for plucking the tea leaves.

 Because the dew on the tea leaver will be evaporated after the sunrise.

 Too moisture of fresh tea leaves will affect the quality of tea.

 The fresh tea leaves will be collected in every one hour for preventing press the fresh tea leaves.

 After collecting the first batch of leaves that is the time for breakfast.

 They usually eat bread when the tea garden is precipitous and noodles or rices on flat tea garden.

 The work will finish at 16:00~17:00 oclock before the sunset.

 After the shower and diner.

 Its the time for talking and playing mahjong.

 This is the daily life of tea plucker   2018.10.12





















還是小綠葉蟬長牙齒了。 2018.06.15