Growing And Making Tea Since 1880

The journey of Yoshan Tea can be told alongside the history of Taiwanese Dong Ding Oolong. Oolong has been cultivated on Dong Ding Mountain as early as the mid-19th century when local villagers started harvesting “qing xin oolong" in favor of the native “wild tea”. By this time, the Chen family of Yoshan Tea were already knee-deep in their exploration of Taiwanese oolong. It is now Yoshan Tea’s mission to preserve and continue the art of making this classic tea.

Banner image of tea in a spoon, man sniffing teacup, women holding a shopping bag. 

1880 - 1989

The history of the Chen family of Yoshan Tea goes back more than 100 years to when they began the cultivation and production of Dong Ding Oolong Tea in the Fenghuang Village located in the Lugu Region of Nantou County. The simple, industrious lifestyle and careful attitude towards tea making have since been deeply imprinted into the hearts of the Chen family. Since then, the tea production region has been expanded and developed, the wholesale business has been diversified, and there’s a rise in popularity with tea competitions, All of this laid an excellent foundation for the future "Yoshan Tea".


1990 - 2001

Mr. Chen moved the business to Zhushan, and established the Jia Jan Tea Production Facility (precursor to Yoshan Tea). Along with expansions in the scale of the business and rise in popularity of high mountain tea, Yoshan Tea began to co-operate and signed contracts with farms in each of the high mountain tea production zones. Mr. Chen also established a tea quality grading system, remodeled the store for a cleaner and uncluttered tea-drinking environment, and standardized the tea inventory management process.



Expansion in retail sales led to rising of branding importance. Mr. Chen decided to combine the meaning of the Chinese word “traveling through great mountains for great tea” to establish the brand "Yoshan Tea". Mr. Chen also set up the biochemical pesticide testing facility and began to strictly implement tea batch inspection and testing system  (regarding the seriousness and hazardous nature of pesticide residues). Yoshan Tea also trained and sent tea culture experts to schools, in order to pass the tradition of Taiwan’s tea culture.



In 2008, Yoshan Tea built a new factory and made the company one of the very few tea companies with an ISO-22000 qualified manufacturing facility. In the same year, General Manager Miss Ye Shu-pen was one of the winners of the Council of Agriculture’s Shennong Award—a sign of affirmation by the government of Yoshan Tea’s years of contribution to the industry. Yoshan Tea also established “Tea Culture House” next to its production facility, so that visitors can learn about the diversity of Taiwanese teas and experience the production process.


2014 - 2016

Taiwan's tea industry continues its growth and evolution with the increasing appreciation from the youth and people with trendy lifestyles. In 2014, Yoshan Tea remodeled its “Tea Culture House” museum to shorten the distance between people and tea, with a multilingual introduction of Taiwanese tea culture and enhanced quality of experience. In addition, Yoshan Tea has been expanding branches in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, England, and the United States. Now, International tea drinkers can also experience the passion and hospitality of Taiwanese tea culture.


2016 - Today

In 2016, Miss Lee met Miss Ye in Taiwan and decided to set up a store in Los Angeles to promote Taiwan’s oolong tea culture. Ms. Lee is now the manager of Yoshan Tea Los Angeles, which opened in Arcadia in 2016. This will mark the official entry of Yoshan Tea into the United States. Taiwan oolong tea is gradually becoming a global drink and Yoshan Tea is here to share this tea culture with more people.