503 Mild Jade Green Oolong Tea

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taiwan icon REGION
Nantou County, Taiwan
aroma icon AROMA
Ripened Fruits, and a pure yet thick mouthfeel
elevation icon ELEVATION
Over 2000m
roast icon ROAST
Mild Roasted
  • 150g
  • 35g
  • 10g
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This tea is grown at altitudes of 2000 meters and above in Central Taiwan's Ren'ai Township tea growing region.

This loose leaf oolong tea carries a strong aftertaste. After being slightly roasted, the infusion produces a clear aroma of ripened fruits, and a pure yet thick mouthfeel.

Name:503 Mild Jade Green  Oolong Tea      
Producing Region/ Nantou County, Taiwan
Tea Variety/ Oolong
Fermentation Level/ Adequately fermented
Baking Degree / Exclusive roasting techniques
Tea Color/ Golden Yellow 
Aroma/ Fruit aroma
Flavor Description/ Leaves have a lightering, concentrated and have a smooth silky textured brew
Product Type / Mild Series

[Product Contents] 503 Mild Jade Green Oolong Tea
[Tea weight options]  150g, 35g, 10g
[Food Industry Registration Number] M-116363668-00001-0
[Certified by SGS national pesticide residue standards]
/ Origin and manufactured in Taiwan /


Yoshan Tea is certified to FSSC22000, ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL standards. All tea products provided by the company are tested and certified by the international inspection agency SGS. Consumers can brew and drink the tea with confidence that it has passed these agencies’ health requirements.

The Brewing and Storage of Tea 

Type of teaAmount of teaWater temp.1st round2nd round3rd round4th round & above
Oolong teaTea flattened at the bottom
of the teapot
95°C or above50 sec40 sec40 secAdd 5 secs to each round after the third round.
The tea may be re-brewed more than 6 times.
Oriental beauty tea2/5 full85°C or above50 sec40 sec40 sec
Black tea2/5 full90°C or above30 sec30 sec30 sec

  • Keep away from moisture and sunlight.
  • Keep away from odors and heat.
  • After opening the vacuum-sealed package, please discard the oxygen absorber found in the vacuum-sealed package.
  • Be sure to squeeze excess air out of the tea package, fold the opening, and seal tightly with the enclosed clip.

Yoshan Series




150g, 35g, 10g




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